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Ohio Infusion Services offers patients a variety of biologic and immunotherapy treatments. Our therapies are designed to help individuals who deal with chronic illnesses that haven’t responded well to other approaches. A treatment program is generally spread out across several months.

During infusion therapy, medicine is typically administered directly into a vein, muscle, or below the skin. Infusion therapies can be used to treat both adult and pediatric patients with a wide array of illnesses, many of which are detailed on our Conditions Explained page. If you are a patient who is considering infusion therapy, the links below can offer you more information about the type of treatment used to treat your diagnosed condition. You can also find tips on how to prepare for treatment and what to expect from infusion therapy here on our site.

If your doctor recommends infusion therapy, be assured that there are proven reasons why this form of treatment can be beneficial. If you decide to pursue infusion therapy, your physician will need to issue a referral to our facility. Our professional staff will then be in touch to discuss details.

We wish you the very best on your path to improved health and are here to support you however we can. We can infuse most medications, so please get in touch to learn more about our infusion services.